Yesterday’s “phenomenal” is today’s “status quo”.

How are you adjusting your strategy?

Oh man, I remember the days when I would work on a design using variations of tools available at the time. Final products were met with “wow” and “how did you do that?”. Simply having well designed material was a clear advantage over competitors.

People were impressed because the knowledge was reserved for a select few that could master their artistic ability and transpose it through software. Designers were superstars.

The same thing with translation . Back in the day, receiving FedEx deliveries of files to translate, slaving over the translation itself, but those who could returned formatted material. They were gold.

Irrespective of what business you were in, an awesome website would basically ensure top paying clients. You had the cool-factor.

Enter technology and the human’s insatiable desire to create, improve and innovate… everything.

None of these aforementioned things are impressive anymore. For Design – there’s Canva, Figma, and even AI-back platforms . All these and others that have totally changed the accessibility of quality design – so it’s expected. People don’t want to pay when it’s seen as “easy” to do. Where’s the value?

Translation efficiency is expected. Formatted translation is expected. People don’t want to pay when it’s seen as “easy” to do. Where’s the value?

Websites – man, WordPress, Joomla, etc… changed the game. You can have a site within an hour. Combine this with AI and further efficiency gains are there. People don’t want to pay when it’s seen as “easy” to do. Where’s the value?

So the question remains.

What are you doing to ensure that you’re not just becoming the next commodity?
Is your business aware of trends? Are you early adopters? Are you seeking to innovate your business?

Here’s what you have to do.

✅ Ask yourself the hard questions of what “sincerely” differentiates yourself from others?
✅ Identify who your target buyers are and understand, what is the tech that help them in their day to day?
✅ What is your ability to identify upcoming “trends” in the markets you serve?
✅ Beyond identifying trends. How do you respond to them to benefit your prospects?

There are sooooo many more questions, but you have know what questions to ask. We inherently don’t like tough questions. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Ask yourself the tough questions. If you don’t know what to ask – that’s ok – find someone (like me) to help. ( See what I did there  )

If you’re not innovating, you have to remember that today’s phenomenal, will eventually be tomorrow’s status quo.

Figure out your next steps.



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