Are you your toughest client?


When delivering yesterday’s Masterclass with Kristin Gutierrez LLC on Inbound Lead Gen (i.e. Marketing), a poll was put out asking “Are you new to the concept of Customer Journey?”

Many of the respondents indicated they knew what it was, but haven’t really done anything with it.

It prompted a lot of afterthought and while I was thinking, I asked myself, how would I sell to me? What triggers me to buy X, Y or Z?

I admitted to myself that I’m a tough buyer. Probably one I’d hate to sell to. But probably like many of you; I need to see and more so believe in the value of what I’m buying. I’m also a tough client, where I expect to be provided with what I was promised and expect the provider to “deliver”. I’m not a fan of excuses.

I realized that this belief drives me to be my own toughest client, which in turn has always benefited my clients (and employers).

Ask yourself these questions:
✅ Am I providing information to my prospects that I would deem beneficial?
✅ Am I answering their inquiries in a timely manner?
✅ Is my website set up in a way that makes the buying process informative, convincing and easy?
✅ Is my value being communicated effectively?
✅ How does my offer help the buyer?
✅ Do people even know what I do?

In order to truthfully and accurately answer these questions, there’s a lot of work that goes into understanding a buyer persona, their triggers and their journey through the funnel stages. What content are we producing specifically for them?

We’ve all seen the sales people that “just” convince people to buy… without a deeper understanding of what they’re selling. They are masters at pitching and objection handling. But… their sales often churn resulting in a commoditized offering and transactional customers. (Bleh)

Pro Tip: This is why sales professionals should be commissioned on recurring value before sunsetting.

Look to a deeper understanding of why, who and how prospects buy your services to ensure that you’re creating and a trust-based relationship where you are the SME, keeping them coming back for recurring business.



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