Objection handling 101. Kids are inherent masters… but why do we get so when we hear an objection?

Do you just sell harder. Are you chasing down opportunities “just” to hit your numbers?

Have you heard the prospect say…
Prospect: “We love your offer. The service/product seems awesome, but we don’t have the budget for this”?

(Faced with this objection, ask sincere questions. Go deeper.)

You: “Yep, I get it. Thanks for your honesty. I’m curious – if you did have the money/funding, would this be something that you’d move forward with?”

Prospect: “100%”

You: “Oh ok, *PAUSE*, which part of the offer made you say (repeat their answer – 100%)?

Prospect: “Well, I liked X, Y, and Z.”

You: “X, Y and Z are pretty solid. I can appreciate that money might be an issue for you. How do you think you can resolve that? I mean where do you think you can find the budget so that you can get X, Y and Z?”

If you noticed what’s happened. 👀 You’ve guided the discussion into them stating what they liked. What the want, and you’re letting them find the money to get what they want. Collectively working to get them what they want is an effective method to close your sale… IF… you have their trust.

Try it out.

By the way – a message to buyers – 🗒️

Be kind.

A true “No” is the second best answer you can get as a sales person. It enables you to know where you stand, where the (former) prospect stands and you can reassess or move on.

The issue is that people for the most part dislike conflict. And yes, people tend to fear the repercussions of a “No”. Will they get mad, sad, argue, manipulative, sell harder, convince me despite me not wanting it, or even whiny (OMG don’t get me started on whiny sales people).

Sales people tend to appreciate the “No”, in a weird way. But there’s positive in a negative response. (wait what?) It makes us better. Really! 100% of sales people would appreciate hearing a firm “Ain’t going to happen.” than to repeatedly waste their time and call you back, email you, and be generally ghosted. You may not know, but those sales people are scheduling their next “touch”  if you’re not saying no.

Let’s go!