Is what you fear in business (and life) an intellectual fear or instinctual fear?

I’m scared of wasps. There I said it.

I have no issues with bees, just wasps. I believe they are the embodiment and proof of the existence of pure evil. Basically, they give me the heebie-jeebies.

What’s the root cause of this fear? Yes, I’ve been stung when I was younger by a few (at once) but we can normally rationalize and overcome situational/circumstantial rooted fears. Those we don’t, tend to be referred to as trauma for lack of better terms. So in my case, it’s definitely not an intellectual fear.

I’ve looked at friends of mine that shoo them away without a care in the world and I cannot possibly comprehend how they’re unbothered. I mean c’mon! But I’m working on it though.

Our brain is wired to ensure we utilize fear to survive. It’s the check and balance in our mind controlled by the amygdala to ensure we don’t do the stupid stuff. The fear center.

Here’s the intriguing thing . In today’s day and age — it’s very under-utilized … well for real things.
We don’t have to worry about a T-REX eating us while we walk to the car in our driveway.

As a result, we get anxiety and are scared of silly things that prevent ourselves from breaking out of discomfort and advancing our lives and careers.

✅ We’re scared to write that email.
✅ To speak our mind
✅ Public speaking.
✅ What people will think of us.
✅ We wonder if people will criticize the comment on LinkedIn (Have no fear – pls comment).

All this! These are 100% intellectual fears produced in our brains, which is a societal influence.

When you run through your day, the next time your amygdala pokes you – stop and think.
Focus on which fears are fabricated and which are primal fears?

Consider the intellectual fears, but only *worry* about the instinctual ones and you’ll be a lot more unique, fun and happy.