I was listening to a podcast the other day that gave me pause. 🤔

As I often do, I was intently listening to the words being spoken with so much focus that I hadn’t realized the distance I had walked.

My brain was computing, analyzing and rehashing variations of what I had heard to find alternate theoretical methods of application in my day to day life as my feet automatically moved me ahead. What I realized was that during that rehashing, something triggered a negative thought process to kick-off, which in turn caused me to ask myself a lot of what if’s. What if I had done x or y? Made choice A or B? I “wished” I would’ve played my cards differently. I was reflecting on past choices.

You know, it’s kinda funny to realize you’re in a negative thought process and needing to talk yourself out of it. I often wonder if everyone is “aware” enough to catch themselves doing this and if they possess the ability of self-talk or if most people simply don’t even give it a second thought.

“They say hindsight is 20/20.” 👀 It is our experiences that have lead us to where we are now. A little wiser for the wear.

But back to some of the words that struck me were during this podcast, “If you’re on a walk in the forest and a snake bites you, you’re not going to chase the snake down for revenge. You’re going to seek medical attention.”

Revenge is a human creation. A poor creation. A selfish creation. We too often concern ourselves with the actions of others when we should focus on how we are reacting to a given circumstance. Choose how you respond to external influence.

The only thing that has come from revenge… is prompting someone else to seek you out for their own.

With that I’m sure we can agree that by design we are incredible creatures with incredible flaws. We’re ill-conceived to overthink and regret. But luckily we’re also given the ability to overcome. Don’t chase the snake. Let it go.



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