You Shouldn’t Fear The Unexpected

Let me tell you why this morning was enchantingly majestic. 🙌

I woke up this morning to a dreary, grey rainy morning ⛈️ . No, that’s not the entire reason, wait for it. 😛

I was taking my daily morning walk 🚶‍♂️, having just past my halfway mark. At this point there is a path I take in a wooded area 🌳 🌲 , which is somewhat overgrown with greenery at this point in the season. I pushed the head level branch out of the way and entered, only to be face to face (about 3 ft/~1m) with a deer. 🦌

We were both startled 😳 and yet neither of us retreated. The deer in my area are super skittish and never in the vicinity of people. It allowed me however to be in its presence. We both stood there examining each other. 👀 It raised its nose a little, sniffing the air. It tilted its head slightly, then lowered it and ate some leaves. I was not a threat. (yay)

What was likely 30 seconds felt like an hour … an hour of nature being itself, enchantingly majestic.

I let out a soft verbal “wow”, before respecting it and backing out and taking another way around.

🤔 *Moral of the story*

We too often associate the unexpected to negative occurrences and try to over plan to avoid them. 😕

This is me telling you that you shouldn’t fear the unexpected. 🙌 It allows us to grow in so many different ways. 🌿

Take moment today and remember that we need to allow ourselves to appreciate the unexpected. Live your life, don’t try and orchestrate every detail. Appreciate moments, show gratitude, live.

Happy Friday!



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