In a discussion πŸ’¬ I was having last week…

I was asked what the secret 🀐 was to managing remote teams 🌎 .

At first, I was somewhat surprised at the question because it’s really become second nature to me.

I realized at that moment that I’ve been managing international/global teams remotely for the last 10 years, and been part of others for most of my career. 🀯

“The secret?” I replied, “isn’t all that different from being a good manager or leader in the traditional sense.”

We simply need to focus on:

βœ… Creating a relationship with each member of your team.
βœ… Making time for each team member to chat (not just about work).
βœ… Split your 1 on 1 meetings up into 3 parts (10 minutes personal chat, 10 minutes task related, and 10 minutes about what they want to improve and what you (and they) can do to get them there)
βœ… Team meetings (where it isn’t just listing tasks or what you’ve done – but helping each other to overcome challenges they’re facing)
βœ… Don’t be afraid to ask how you as a leader/manager can do better.
βœ… Then as a leader, make yourself available for your team. Make sure they know and make sure you back it up with proof. Take meetings outside your “timezone” to accommodate team members.

Managing and working with remote teams is something we all need to understand how to do, better. It’s now truly part of business.

Emphasize communication and availability and get people working together.

Also – never underestimate the impact of getting remote teams together for team building!

Let’s do better, together. πŸ™Œ



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