We’re all sailboats. ⛵

Yup, sailboats. Why? 🤔

Some of us cast our sails and let the winds 🌬️ guide us through life. Taking us from 1 beautiful destination to another. 🏝️

Some of us may avoid headwinds because we don’t know how to advance through an opposing force. 😩 So, we opt for a different course or change our destination. 🗺️ 😀

However, there are those who master the craft, navigate with intent 🎯 and know that despite facing winds, you can still remain on course by adjusting the angle of the sail. 📍

A sailboat can sail against the wind with intent and know-how.

Be the sailboat that navigates with intent and you’ll be able to progress despite the headwinds. 🙌 🙌



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