Executive Coaching

Executive Business Partner covering
Growth, Marketing, and Leadership strategies.
Bryan is your fractional CXO.

Leadership & Management

Bryan will help you craft your leadership style to ensure that you’re maximizing the impact you can have on your team in 1 on 1, or group sessions

Sales & Digital Marketing

Increase revenue, refine sales tactics, enhance your marketing by working with Bryan to develop, implement and guide your growth strategies.

Localization & AI (LLMs)

From processes to technology, Bryan will assist you to establish more streamlined processes providing efficiency and profitability.

Keynotes & Masterclasses

Let Bryan inspire you and your team through inspiring, relatable presentations and trainings covering, leadership, empathy personal growth and success.

“Bryan leads with kindness, understanding and empathy. His EQ is unmatched.”

1 on 1 Sessions

Benefit from 1 on 1 sessions to brainstorm, create strategy, discuss issues, or just have that professional sounding board at your disposal.

Meeting Participation

Create more effective meetings by having having an unbiased partner participate and offer you or your teams different perspectives.

Masterclasses and Workshops

Provide continuing development to your teams by having Bryan take you through Masterclasses on your most needed topics.

AI (Prompt Engineering)

Knowing how to navigate the AI landscape of Generative AI and prompting can be daunting. Bryan can coach you to help you prompt your way through to efficiency.

Strategy & Structure

Get into the weeds of growth by discussing your objective and working with Bryan to develop and implement growth, leadership or other strategies.

SEO & Social Media

SEO and Social Media are integral parts of today’s business world and if you’re not being found by your prospects, your efforts are for naught.

I’ve known Bryan for a number of years and have worked with him on numerous projects. All have been a pleasure. He has an innate ability to explain complex topics, great attitude and a profound understanding of modern translation technologies. He is most definitely an asset to his company and a great ambassador for our industry.

Richard Brooks

Bryan made an immediate impact on my sales strategy by introducing a consultative approach that resulted in the successful closure of significantly larger localization accounts.

Nathan Sayer

Bryan is the most effective person I know in terms of technical problem-solving. He is extremely generous of his time and will go to great lengths to help a colleague. Incredibly knowledgeable of the language technology industry, he is a valuable asset to the translation world. Thanks Bryan!

MG Maynard

Bryan is a knowledgeable resource in the language services industry. From marketing to technology- he has valuable answers for every occasion. He is a seasoned professional with great industry connections and I would recommend his expertise to anyone looking to grow their business.

Aja W.

One of Bryan's most notable attributes is his remarkable leadership style. He possesses a unique ability to motivate and inspire his team, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. He empowers his team members to reach their full potential by providing guidance, encouragement, and unwavering support.

Kübra Çamir

Bryan's managerial style is one that fosters respect and a positive working environment. He has a remarkable way of establishing boundaries that everyone understands without him having to explicitly state them. This creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

Erdem Çolak